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This week’s presenter(s)Ian Kluge, MA, ABD

This week presenter(s)

Ian Kluge is an independent philosophy scholar who specializes in developing a philosophic approach to the Baha'i Writings and contemporary social issues. He has published numerous papers in various journals and texts on this subject. He presents his ideas at and on the Baha'i Philosophy Channel on Youtube. He and his wife Kirsti live in Abbotsford, B.C. Canada.

This week’s topicAwake But Not Woke

The topic of this talk is - My purpose is two-fold: (1) to demonstrate the conflicts between contemporary 'woke-ism' and the Baha'i Writings and (2) to show how the Baha'i Writings offer better intellectual and practical alternatives to work for social justice goals in today's world. As part of my presentation, I shall show how 'woke-ism' creates more problems than it supposedly solves and, thereby, does not provide a positive platform for social, intellectual and spiritual change.

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