About Us

The Clearwater Bahá’í Center is located off highway 60 West in Clearwater Florida, adjacent to the Tampa Bay Coastal waters. The Clearwater Bahá’í Community is comprised of many different spiritually minded people from many different cultural and ethnic backgrounds.

If you are a member or secretary of a local spiritual assembly, Please sign-up here to stay informed about our activities and events.

The Bahá’í community provides spiritual growth, awareness, and acceptance to all individuals. The Bahá’í community has undertaken great tasks to help spread the teachings of the faith. The Clearwater, community sponsors both community-driven events as well as social activities developed and executed directly from within the Bahá’í community itself. The members of the Clearwater Bahá’í community have a truly unique understanding; that in order to help humanity and to spread Baha’u’llah’s message of oneness and world unity; Bahá’ís in this community must have not only an intimate knowledge of the Bahá’í holy writings but that each individual Bahá’í must take action to show the grandeur and wisdom of those writings to the greater surrounding communities.

To find a devotional gathering near you, please fill out the Request Information form or call 1-800-22UNITE (1-800-228-6483).