Bahá’ís are peoples of varying national, religious, and racial origins who have risen above the many obstacles that may have divided them, such as traditions, dogmas, rituals, denominations, races, languages, nationalities, and politics. They see the light of truth in all great religions and discern the glimmers of the divine in all humanity. They deplore the prevailing discord and competition among the world’s factions and religions. After seeking and searching, they have found in the Bahá’í life a haven of peace and harmony. By listening to the divine call and recognizing its distinctions, they have restored their trust and regained their hope and confidence in their Creator, in His unfailing love and concern for humanity.

Bahá’ís believe

  • That the revelation of divine purpose and knowledge is continuous and progressive, that God has a grand and glorious Plan to guide and advance the human race. Each of His Messengers unveils only part of the Plan. The Creator has spoken repeatedly to humanity and will continue to do so for ages to come, each time unveiling new measures of truth adapted to an ever-advancing world.
  • That the Bahá’í Faith is the latest—not the last—revelation of the divine purpose. Its Scriptures encompass over one hundred volumes. They expand our knowledge to the limits of our capacity for at least the next thousand years.
  • That the world’s most grievous disease is discord, disunity, and dissension, and that its only remedy is a global Faith with supranational ideals and the healing message of love, peace, and unity.
  • That the first step in changing the world is to search for truth with an open mind; for the greatest obstacle to unity and peace is imitation of beliefs. Almost everyone assumes that the religion or denomination he has “inherited” from his parents is the only way to truth. But one’s spiritual life is too important to be left to chance, namely, to what the religion or beliefs of one’s ancestors happen to be.
  • That our happiness and well-being depend on pursuing the purpose and the goal for which we were created.
  • That we should be in touch with God’s latest expression of knowledge to discover the purpose and the goal He has specifically assigned to us and our time.
  • That our Creator provides us with a Plan for peace, happiness, and harmony, and places on us the responsibility for carrying out the Plan.

Our future is not determined by chance. Whether we reap war or peace, misery or happiness, despair or hope, apathy or ecstasy depends on the choices we make now. Learning about the new Revelation of divine knowledge is the first step towards the goal of building a peaceful planet and partaking of all the joys and rewards our Creator has in store for us.

The fruit we wish to pick tomorrow lies hidden in the seed of today.

It is in moments of decision that our everlasting destiny is shaped, yet so many live as if they have no choice and no destiny.