Mr. Wade Fransson

Heaven and Hell

What can we know about Heaven and Hell? Religions throughout history have sought to provide answers about the afterlife. What are their diverse views on Heaven and Hell? How have these ideas evolved over time, and how should we view them today? Wade Fransson, a former fundamentalist Christian minister, who embraced the Baha’i faith in […] Read More

Psalms 1 and 2 – A modern Perspective on Ancient Texts

If you could know only one chapter of a Holy Book to guide your life – which one would it be?  Last week Mr. Wade Fransson discussed how Psalm 1 can provide a solid foundation for your personal spiritual life. Join us for the conclusion of this 2-part series where we will look at how […] Read More

How The Gospel of Matthew speaks to Jesus’ Birth and His Return”

At this time of year, Christians reflect on the Virgin Birth of Jesus. The book of Matthew opens with this scene, which we’ll briefly review, including an interesting perspective from the book of Daniel, prophesying not only his coming but the role of the Wise Men from the East. But the real story comes near […] Read More

How the Book of Genesis showcases progressive revelation

The enlightenment brought progress to Western Civilization. Humanism, Historicism and Realism in Western, European traditions, gave way to Modernism and then Postmodernism. Along the way, the primacy of one of Western Civilization’s foundational documents, the Bible, was eroded and supplanted, to the point that it is not only ridiculed as irrelevant, and a source of […] Read More

From Bible Prophecy to Baha’u’llah – A recovering Fundamentalist Preacher shares his perspectives on teaching Christians

A RELENTLESS SEARCH FOR THE TRUTH Incredible true story from former Worldwide Church of God minister Right out of the gate, this story will shake you, hitting you in the gut with a tale of a broken home, kidnapping and a childhood bereft of love.And then it gets even more interesting.In The People of the Sign, Wade […] Read More