From Bible Prophecy to Baha’u’llah – A recovering Fundamentalist Preacher shares his perspectives on teaching Christians

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Incredible true story from former Worldwide Church of God minister


Right out of the gate, this story will shake you, hitting you in the gut with a tale of a broken home, kidnapping and a childhood bereft of love.

And then it gets even more interesting.

In The People of the Sign, Wade Fransson tells the story of his turbulent childhood and how the Worldwide Church of God, considered a cult by many, became his temporary salvation. But while this is often titillating fodder for those who want to know about the ‘inside workings’ of a closed hierarchal organization, his personal story is so much more fascinating.

Adrift between an alcoholic mother and a cold, emotionally absent father, Fransson’s childhood included the kidnapping that stranded him in Sweden without knowing the language, a stint living in a camping tent during the winter in Alaska, and a near-fatal car crash, the survival of which he considered a miracle. Music is his solace, starting with the Beatles, until his discovery of The Bible Story, as told by The Worldwide Church of God, intensifies the discord between his head and his heart. 

Fransson takes the reader inside his fantastical story, including his experience with the Worldwide Church of God (which has since become Grace Communion International), zipping around the world as a church administrator, pastor, and headquarters executive, as the church struggles through its own date with destiny.

The People of the Sign tells the story of a man and a religious movement, and how he “…had to lose the answers I had found in order to find the right questions.” It’s a story of growing up, a story of discovery, and a story of faith.