Mr. Peter Terry

5 PM Wednesdays: Home Study of Kitáb-i-Íqán (Book of Certitude) by Baháʼu’lláh

After registering through the zoom link above, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the meeting.Please find an attached document with resources and additional reference materials for further deepening and study during this learning series – FOR INTENSIVE AND PROLONGED STUDY OF THE KITAB-I-IQAN learning Resource for the Kitab-i-IqanQUESTIONS-AND-COMMENTS_-KITAB-I-IQAN Read More

Ukraine and the millions of Ukrainian refugees, Baha’u’llah’s solution to such a problem.

Resources Compiled for today’s Presentation on, “How To Stop War!” Lately, as the minds and hearts of many Baha’is have turned to the war in Ukraine and the millions of Ukrainian refugees, it might be time for someone to speak about Baha’u’llah’s solution to such a problem, and how relevant His counsels are to humanity […] Read More

Study of the Persian Bayan

God testifieth and beareth Me witness that this Wronged One hath not perused the Bayán, nor been acquainted with its contents. This much, however, is known and is clear and indubitable that He hath ordained the Book of the Bayán to be the foundation of His works. (Bahá’u’lláh, “Epistle to the Son of the Wolf”, […] Read More

An Introduction to the Study of the Persian Bayan

Beginning with its Preface, which is sixteen pages in length including copious notes written by the editor and translator A.L.M. Nicolas and extending throughout its 630 pages, the French version of the Persian Bayán, which has been rendered into English and is the source of this study, concentrates on the following themes: (1) The nature […] Read More

Supplementary materials for the study of the Persian Bayan

A Thematic Analysis and Summary of The Persian BayánClick HERE:  Word DocumentBAYAN-I-FARSIAuthored by Haji Siyyid ‘Ali Muhammad Shirazi, known as “The Bab” (1847- 1848). Translated into French by A.-L.-M Nicolas, French Consul in Tabriz, Iran, and published in Paris, France (1911-1914). Rendered into English with additional annotations by Anonymous (1982-2021).Click HERE:  PDF DocumentWe encourage everyone that […] Read More