The essential teachings of the Religion of God are referred to in a number of passages of the Baha’i writings and utterances, many of which will be cited in this document.

Separate studies are devoted to
  • a)the two kinds of teachings of the Religion of God;
  • b)the secondary teachings of that Religion;
  • c)the human teachings that have been added to and in many cases have eclipsed the original divine teachings of that Religion;
  • d)the various historical scriptural references to the two kinds of teachings of that Religion;
  • e)the correlation of the station of unity of the Manifestation and the Covenant of God with the essential teachings of religion; and
  • f)the comparison of divine philosophy with essential teachings.

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In addition to these topics, another document will identify the secondary teachings and laws of Baha’u’llah, those which are specific to this Age and Cycle, which pertain to the outward life of humankind at this time in its evolution.