Mr. Kamran Hakim

A Baha’i perspective on democracy

The topic would be: Crisis in Democracy (The challenges we face today and how it can be remedied) Read More

“Freedom is…but freedom is not…”

The purpose of this presentation is to explore the philosophical implications of this concept from a Baha’i point of view.The following summary is extracted from, Finding Freedom from Fear in the Baha’i Faith, to see the full article, or to find similar articles related to this subject please visit for more information.We all have […] Read More

Worldviews in Crisis as Humanity Grows from Adolescence into the Age of Maturity

Shoghi Effendi observes: “Humanity is now experiencing the commotions invariably associated with the most turbulent stage of its evolution, the stage of adolescence, when the impetuosity of youth and its vehemence reach their climax, and must gradually be superseded by the calmness, the wisdom, and the maturity that characterize the stage of manhood. Then will […] Read More