“Freedom is…but freedom is not…”

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The purpose of this presentation is to explore the philosophical implications of this concept from a Baha’i point of view.

The following summary is extracted from, Finding Freedom from Fear in the Baha’i Faith, to see the full article, or to find similar articles related to this subject please visit www.bahaiteachings.org for more information.

We all have the right, the Baha’i teachings say, to free ourselves from fear. The Baha’i teachings advocate an end to violence and aggression, both inter-personal and international. They call for universal education, a true system of criminal justice reform and the reduction of armies and armaments to accomplish that peaceable goal. The Baha’i teachings advocate worldwide cooperation and unity, reducing and finally eliminating the national and regional conflicts that lead to war.

The Baha’i teachings advocate universal democratic systems of global governance, giving everyone on Earth freedom from tyranny and a voice in their own destiny. The Baha’i teachings advocate the adoption of a universal auxiliary language, to do away with the fearfulness and foreignness that comes with being unable to communicate with one another. The Baha’i teachings advocate the elimination of personal and institutional prejudice and racism, to remove the fears that separate people of differing colors, ethnicities and national origins. The Baha’i teachings advocate the equality of men and women, to erase the long-lasting gender-based injustices that have held the world back from its potential progress.