Mr. Kambiz Hakim

The Purpose of Creation Part 3 – Barriers between The Soul and Its Creator

In this final presentation on “The Purpose of Creation,” our speaker will discuss, what barriers exist between man and God. He(Baha’u’llah) exhorts the believers to pass beyond these so that they may attain His Presence.Attachment to the things of this world,Attachment to the rewards of the next world,Attachment to the Kingdom of Names.These formidable barriers […] Read More

The Purpose of Creation Part 2

The Relationship between the Body and the SoulIn today’s world, there is a widespread school of thought in which the human being is considered to be an entirely material entity. In this view, even the apparently non-material aspects of a human being, such as the mind, the intellect, the imagination etc, are regarded merely as […] Read More

The Purpose of Creation Part 1

“The Purpose of Creation,” is a compilation by Kambiz Hakim that illustrates the Love relationships between God and Humanity with the Manifestation of God as the central point and connection between us to our Creator. In this Part 1 of 3, we will discuss the 4-Loves:1.)Love of the Creator for His Creation.2.)The Love of the […] Read More