The Purpose of Creation Part 2

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The Relationship between the Body and the Soul

In today’s world, there is a widespread school of thought in which the human being is considered to be an entirely material entity. In this view, even the apparently non-material aspects of a human being, such as the mind, the intellect, the imagination etc, are regarded merely as the results of chemical processes orginating in the brain and body. To this school of thought, ‘Abdu’l-Bahá poses the question, ‘Where then can one find in man this mind that resides in him and whose existence is beyond doubt Were you to examine the human body with the eye, the ear, or the other senses, you would fail to find it, even though it clearly exists. Space,’ He says, is a quality of material things and that which is not material does not partake of space… Intelligence does not partake of the quality of space, though it is related to man’s brain. The intellect resides there, but not materially. Search in the brain, you will not find the intellect.’

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