Mr. Norbert DuBois

Norbert DuBois is a second-generation Bahá’í whose parents—both school teachers—began studying Bahá’í Faith in the 1950’s. His Bahá’í activities have included working at US Bahá’í National Centre, co-directing Washington, DC’s Bahá’í Youth Workshop performances, plus serving and teaching Bahá’í in other countries such as Republic of Haïti and Peoples Republic of China. In January of 1990, he delivered a special document, composed by The Universal House of Justice, titled, The Promise of World Peace to the Bahá’í community of Prague, Czekloslavakia, that was translated into the Czech language and delivered to President Václav Havel. After majoring in Théâtre Arts in college, Norbert joined the professional actors union, AFTRA, worked sporadically on stage, and in film, and is currently listed on His artistic endeavors have been balanced by years of work in Diplomatic Security, primarily in Washington, DC, where he guarded families of foreign diplomats and their facilities. Norbert is available to present Fireside lectures at your home, community center, or place of worship, on a variety of topics, of which you can ask him later, or view this link,

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