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Weekly Guest Speakers

Mr. Alexander Meinhard

1976-1981 Study of Mining Engineering Thereafter engineer in the onshor oil & gas production 1991-1993 MBA at London Business School Thereafter consultant with the emphasis of implimenting changes and transformation in firms or part of. 2010-2013 Member of the committee for archive and library of the German NSA 2013- today Archivist of the Hermann-Grossmann-Archive since […] Read More

Mr. J. A. (Jack) McLean

J. A. (Jack) McLean (b. Toronto, 1945) is an independent Bahá’í religion scholar, writer and poet living in Ottawa, Ontario. He has published 5 books in the fields of Bahá’í theology, spirituality, biography and some 30 academic articles on Bahá’í theology and philosophical theology. Two other books are about to be submitted for publication. In […] Read More

Teresa Henkle Langness

Author/Educator Teresa Henkle Langness developed the global educational model Full-Circle Learning (FCL). She leads the nonprofit organization by the same name, which has trained practitioners in 35 nations over three decades. She has written 50 books in multiple genres and has served in professional and volunteer capacities in the fields of education, communications, the environment, […] Read More

Mr. Marco Oliveira

Marco Oliveira is a Portuguese Bahá’í residing in Lisbon. He was born into a Catholic family and accepted the Faith in 1984. He is married, has two children, and works as a software engineer. He attended the “Religious Sciences” course at the Catholic University of Lisbon and is the author of the blog “Povo de […] Read More

Mr. Gary Hogenson

Gary Hogenson, originally from Michigan, has worked in manufacturing and finance. He is a graduate of California State University East Bay and the American Graduate School of International Management. He pioneered for many years in Latin America and served 18 years at the Baha’i World Center in Haifa, Israel. A lifelong student of history, he has […] Read More

Mr. Peter Terry

Peter Terry holds a BA in International Education, grades K-8, from the University of Massachusetts, and a Master’s degree in Vocal Performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.He also started a PhD program at the University of Chicago and a Bachelor of Music program at Oberlin College. His areas of specialized knowledge includes pedagogical […] Read More

Dr. Joel Nizin

Dr. Joel Nizin M.D. F.A.C.S., F.A.S.C.R.S.is a doubled boarded colon surgeon in practice since 1984 with a number of scientific publications. Married to Vickie Rene Nizin for 42 years with two daughters and 5 grandchildren. Served in many capacities during the 2nd World Congress including Quad State Committee, Regional Volunteer Coordinator, Medical taskforce, and Dignitary […] Read More

Mr. Joshua Hall

Mr. Joshua Hall is a student at the University of Montana, majoring in Near Eastern studies and English literature, with minors in Arabic and philosophy. His chief scholarly interests include Islamic philosophy, classical theism, and Persian literature, and their relation to the academic study of the Bahá’í Faith. Read More

Ian Kluge, MA, ABD

Ian Kluge is an independent philosophy scholar who specializes in developing a philosophic approach to the Baha’i Writings and contemporary social issues. He has published numerous papers in various journals and texts on this subject. He presents his ideas at bahaiphilosophy.com and on the Baha’i Philosophy Channel on Youtube. He and his wife Kirsti live […] Read More

Mr. Roger Neyman

Roger has been on faculty for the Wilmette Institute’s course “Science, Religion and the Baha’i Faith” since his retirement from software engineering in 2012. His particular areas of study and service relate to the principle of harmony between science and religion, a particular focus on evolution, discourses around science denialism, and anti-racism education. Read More