Ms. Bahji Varner

Speaker Biography: Ms. Bahji Varner is a Bahá’í middle school teacher and mother of three from Atlanta. She has been involved in Bahá’í community-building activities and serves on the Community Engagement Committee for the National Race Amity Institute. She has been leading diversity efforts at her school, which serves the culturally transitioning neighborhood of the Martin Luther King Jr. Center and the Atlanta Bahá’í Center. She has been facilitating staff training on overcoming bias, as well as weekly conversations with students for several years. Bahji earned a Graduate Certificate in Diversity, Social Justice & Inclusion from the University of Colorado, Colorado Springs, and is passionate about healing racism. Growing up with the Bahá’í principle of Oneness, and being raised in a multicultural family in the South, overcoming racism and promoting unity have been and will remain lifelong strivings.