Mr. Shahbaz Fatheazam

Mr. Shahbaz Fatheazam was born in India to Bahá’í parents of Persian descent, grew up in Haifa, studied in the UK and Canada, and works in Brazil. From East to West, North to South, he considers himself as a marginal accident in all of the world’s great regions and has lived along the entire axis of Baby Boomers, Gen X, Y, Z and now Alpha (his grandchildren having been born since 2018). These challenges (or rather urgent realities) could only be met by being fluent in 4+ languages and with a ready enthusiasm to embrace the unknown, including marriage to a clinical psychologist. His background in health care financial management gives him the tools necessary to survive and his love for cultures, religious history and literature domesticates his soul clamor. The law he most likes to identify with is that human value only functions when it is inconspicuously and intimately related to the religion of service.