Professor Donald Camp

Professor E. Donald Camp

Professor Donald E. Camp is a resident of Philadelphia and professor emeritus at Ursinus College since 2011. He moved to Philadelphia in 1972 where he was a Staff photographer for, “The Evening and Sunday Bulletin,” until his resignation in 1981. He received his BFA and MFA from Temple University’s Tyler School of Art in 1987 and 1989. He is a subject in the American Artist Oral History Smithsonian Institute. In 1995 he was the recipient of numerous grants and fellowships which included the John Simon Guggenheim Foundation Fellowship, the National Endowment for the Arts Fellowship, and the Pew Fellowship in the Art. In 2009 he receive his fourth Pennsylvania Council of the Arts fellowship. He is noted for his continuing body of work, “Dust Shaped Hearts” a body of mono-prints using light sensitized casein and dry earth pigments. He has lectured and exhibited internationally including the Institute of Contemporary Art in Philadelphia and the National Museum of The Gambia. His publications include Ebony, Deux Ex Machina, People, and Newsweek.