Dr. Chris Johnson

Personal Journey:

Dr. Chris Johnson’s life is a captivating journey of personal growth, resilience, and a deep commitment to fostering unity among people of diverse backgrounds. His remarkable story begins with his embrace of the Baha’i Faith, an enduring spiritual path that has guided him for over 35 years. Chris’s introduction to the Baha’i Faith occurred during his service in the Army, a pivotal moment that shaped his life and values.

Born from an undergraduate foundation in Philosophy, Chris embarked on a multifaceted academic journey. This path led him to become a distinguished social psychologist, gerontologist, and licensed Marriage and Family therapist. His diverse expertise allowed him to explore the intricate dimensions of human behavior and relationships from various angles.

Family and Diversity:

Dr. Johnson’s commitment to diversity and inclusivity extends to his family life. With an adopted African-American daughter and a foster son from South Korea, Chris and his wife, Dr. Roxann Johnson, have created a loving, multicultural family that embodies their dedication to transcending cultural boundaries and embracing the rich tapestry of human diversity.

Career and Academic Achievements:

In his academic career, Dr. Johnson has made significant contributions to the field of gerontology, which is the multidisciplinary study of the aging process and the challenges and issues faced by the elderly. Notably, he established America’s first Master of Science (MS) in Dementia and Aging Studies degree at Texas State University, pioneering innovative approaches to address the challenges of an aging population. While there are now 16 similar programs in Europe, Dr. Johnson’s visionary leadership has played a pivotal role in shaping the future of gerontology education.

His scholarly accomplishments are equally impressive. Dr. Johnson authored a book titled “How Different Religions View Death and Afterlife,” now in its third edition. Additionally, he contributed a chapter on the eschatology of world religions to the “Encyclopedia of Death and Human Experience.” Currently, he is actively involved in writing and co-editing a book titled “Dementia Reconstructed,” a promising contribution to the field of dementia studies.

Service to the Baha’i Faith:

At the core of Dr. Johnson’s life journey lies his unwavering dedication to the Baha’i Faith. He has served on numerous Local Spiritual Assemblies (LSAs), where he has worked to strengthen Baha’i communities and promote spiritual growth. Dr. Johnson has also been a sought-after speaker at Winter and Summer Baha’i Schools, sharing his insights on social justice, interfaith dialogue, and the principles of the Baha’i Faith.

His passion for fostering unity among people of different backgrounds and beliefs has led him to be a featured speaker at Baha’i Summer Schools in both Scotland and Northern Ireland, where he has inspired audiences with his message of harmony and understanding.

In a world marked by divisions and prejudice, Dr. Chris Johnson’s life journey stands as a testament to the power of faith, knowledge, and a deep commitment to creating a more harmonious and inclusive world. His tireless efforts to bridge gaps, foster understanding, and promote unity embody the essence of the Baha’i Faith’s principles of unity and oneness.

Christopher J. Johnson, PhD
Clinical Professor of Sociology
M.S. in Dementia & Aging Studies Program
See: http://www.gradcollege.txstate.edu/programs/msda.html
Department of Sociology
Texas State University
601 University Drive
San Marcos, TX 78666-4784