The Most Critical Decision in Your Life


How lofty is the station which man, if he but choose to fulfill his high destiny, can attain!…Seize, O friends, the chance which this Day offereth you, and deprive not yourselves of the liberal effusions of His grace. _Bahá’í Scriptures

How would you feel if someone else had the authority to decide what you should eat, where you should live, what you should do for living, and who you should marry? Now consider this question: What would be your religion if you were born in Saudi Arabia? What about Israel, India, or China? Would you not be a Muslim, a Jew, a Hindu, or a Buddhist, depending on what your parents believed, and where they were born? As you can see, instead of taking charge, most of us give “Chance” the authority to choose our spiritual destiny. Why do we make this exception? Why do we choose our food, but not our faith?

This book invites you to set your soul free from the invisible trap of tradition; to leave, just for a little while, the track of your ancient ancestors. It inspires you to take a step for your spiritual destiny, to come to a new garden laden with luscious fruits and flowers of the Spirit.

As you advance in your journey, you will find that each of the great religions is like a beautiful garden that leads to one Gardner and Designer.

You will see many flowers but one fragrance, many gardens but one God, many temples but one truth, and many ways but one worship:

This is the way [to God], walk ye in it. _Isaiah 30:21

I am the way, the truth and the light. _Zoroaster

Just this path, there is no other._Buddha

I am the way [to God]. _Christ (John 14:6)

Follow me: this is the right way [to God]. _Muhammad (Qur’án 43:61)

This is the Way of God unto all who are in the heavens and all who are on the earth. _Bahá’í Scriptures

A rainbow is a blend of many colors. It has a beginning and an end, but is one circle of light.

I am the Alpha and the Omega, the Beginning and the End… _Christ (Revelation 1:8)

Behold, He is now come…He Who is both the Beginning and the End…is now manifest before your eyes._Bahá’í Scriptures

Whenever there is decay of righteousness…then I Myself come forth…for the sake of firmly establishing righteousness. I am born from age to age. _Krishna

This discovery of “many ways to one God” and “one truth in all great religions” will unravel to your soul the most awesome and exquisite beauty in the spiritual design of the universe. It will give you a new vision of your destiny, it will elevate your perspective to the paradise of peace, wonder, and oneness.

Your eternal destiny is by far your most precious gift. It is worth infinitely more than all the things you will ever own. Is it wise not to take charge, not to invest this most glorious gift of God in something that outlasts life, that will be yours for evermore?

O friends! Be not careless of the virtues with which ye have been endowed, neither be neglectful of your high destiny. _Bahá’í Scriptures

How superior must be the destiny of the true believer, whose existence and life are to be regarded as the originating purpose of all creation. _Bahá’í Scriptures

Your spiritual choices matter infinitely more than all the other choices you will make. Everything ends except your soul, everything descends to a grave except your divine destiny. Why then not take some of the time you devote to the demands of your physical form—sleeping 8 hours, eating 2 hours, working 8 hours—and consecrate it to something that will be always yours: your own soul. Why not take 30 minutes each day away from your earthly pursuits and pleasures—watching television, going to a party, or traveling

and invest it in heavenly pursuits and pleasures, in finding answers to questions such as: why are you here, and what on earth should you do for your journey to heaven?

Is there a sense of remorse deeper than realizing that you spent your life on things that did not really matter? At death, your spirit is the only thing that will remain of you. Taking time away from momentary demands of your body and worldly desires and devoting it to your eternal destiny is by far the wisest and most critical decision of your life. Do not allow either the convenient trap of pro-cras-ti-nation, “Not now, later,” “I am too busy,” “Next year I will have more time,” or the common illusion of “Death has no power over me. I will be here forever,” to lull you into negligence, inaction, or complacency.

O Children Of Negligence!
Set not your affections on mortal sovereignty and rejoice not therein. Ye are even as the unwary bird that with full confidence warbleth upon the bough; till of a sudden the fowler Death throws it upon the dust, and the melody, the form and the color are gone, leaving not a trace. Wherefore take heed, O bondslaves of desire!9 _Bahá’í Scriptures

Your divine destiny is God’s most precious gift to you. Do not throw it to the winds of chance.

You are the master designer of your life, whether you’ve realized it or not. Think of all your experiences as a huge tapestry that can be laid out in whatever pattern you wish. Each day you add a thread to the weaving…Do you craft a curtain to hide behind, or do you fashion a magic carpet that will carry you to unequaled heights?10 _Anthony Robbins