Video Replay * The Twin Pillars of Religion and the Succession of ‘Abdu’l-Bahá

The Life, Works, and Online Courses of Professor John S. Hatcher.

Please learn more by visiting his website directly, Click here – Online Video Course on the Bahá’í Faith.

John’s most recent course on the Baha’i faith is, “The Twin Pillars of Religion and the Succession of ‘Abdul-Baha.” He will be available after the video replay to do a brief 30-minute question and answer about the subject discussed.

These classes are not intended to be a substitute for the Ruhi Institute courses, but will hopefully augment some of the same crucial subjects raised in that sequence. Due consideration is given for attendees who are not Bahá’ís, both in the sequence of presentations and in the discussions that follow. Some of the subjects discussed are treated more in-depth in my BOOKS.