Freedom and Liberty Part 1

Dr. Ghasem Bayat provides a perspective from the Baha’i Writings. In this presentation, the concept of God and His Unity will be introduced as a model for the Unity of His Creation, and in particular, humanity. So the Unity of humankind, in all its diversity, is derived from this unique theological perspective. Additionally, the Baha’i Writings states the purpose of mankind’s creation to be God’s love for man, and so man has been given the capacity to reciprocate this love. The creation in this sense is more about man’s spirit that is destined to communicate with the Lord and return to Him after the demise of its body. Associated with the necessity with this love is man’s Freedom and Free Will. And these two theological perspectives are the source of man’s unity, equality, and freedom. We will see that many of the principal teachings of the Baha’i Faith, such as the need for education, material and spiritual, acquisition of human virtues such as love and compassion, care for others, the spirit of service, elimination of all forms of prejudices, equality of men and women, avoidance from all forms of aggression, world peace, elimination of extremes of wealth and poverty, the need for cooperation, etc., are all directly derived from these theological perspectives.