A Roadmap for a Moral Society

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Future historians studying twenty-first-century society will most likely conclude that we lived in a problem-oriented world that expended a great deal of its energy and resources attempting to identify and then remedy specific problems. The world’s nations are constantly developing complex programs to address the problems of war, disease, poverty, ignorance, and pollution; however, it is clear that these problems continue to proliferate, necessitating the development of new programs. These problems, which were not even recognized as such in previous years, are becoming more prevalent by the day, affecting the entire planet.

The world is now facing a problem of Herculean proportions. The governments and institutions of the world are facing unprecedented forces from within and without. Breakdown of society is occurring at the individual level. Society relies on good people to function, and the individual is the most important person in this process. There is a message that prescribes a solution for the problems that no system can otherwise solve. This message empowers the individual to become an active part of the solution.

To change the path humanity is on, individuals need to grow their spiritual understanding and gain the fundamental knowledge that paying attention to our own morality is the only way we can individually and collectively solve the common problems that humanity now faces. In this multi-series seminar, we will compare and contrast what and how we can create a more just, peaceful world, focusing on the powers that are latent in the individual. This seminar is an attempt to analyze the state of the world and how humanity’s various problems should be addressed. Viewing the implementation of morals in various situations, focus is on outcomes. This message and the discussion about this message, is a historical, religious, scientific, and economic examination based on the Bahá’ Sacred Writings and various philosophical and scientific theories developed in recent years.

The Bahá’i faith is the world’s youngest religion. It was revealed by Bahá’u’lláh, and its primary goal is to achieve mankind’s unity as a next step in humanity’s evolution. The Baha’i Faith teaches that it has the message for today – a message every individual needs.

The problems humanity faces can no longer be viewed as the problems of a single nation, capable of resolving them on its own: for the first time in human history, the destiny of the world is unique and indivisible; humanity as a whole is confronted with global problems, the resolution of which must involve all nations of the world in a determined, cooperative, consultative, and collaborative effort. This message starts with the individual. The destiny of the world is in your hands. All of us.

THE WORLD IS CHANGING and this Roadmap will guide humanity through that Change!