The Badí Calendar

The book “The Badí’ Calendar” by Kiser Barnes explores the history and significance of the Badí’ calendar, a solar calendar used by the Bahá’í Faith. The author discusses the creation of the calendar and its development over time, explaining how it is based on a combination of scientific calculations and religious principles. The calendar is designed to be easy to use and understand, with a clear structure and many opportunities for reflection and celebration.

The author also explores the symbolic significance of the calendar, particularly its association with the theme of newness and renewal. He describes the various festivals and observances that are associated with the calendar, highlighting their spiritual and social importance. Additionally, he explores the importance of poetry and language in the Bahá’í Faith, explaining how the Badí’ calendar draws upon this tradition to inspire new insights and creative expression.

Throughout the book, the author emphasizes the idea that the Badí’ calendar is not simply a means of organizing time, but rather a tool for personal and social transformation. By encouraging individuals to reflect on their virtues and strive for personal growth, the calendar has the potential to inspire positive change on a global scale. Ultimately, the author argues that the Badí’ calendar has the potential to bring people of different cultures and backgrounds together, encouraging creativity and cooperation in the service of a better world.

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