Mr. Marco Oliveira

The Creed – A Bahá’í Perspective on the Nicene Creed

What similarities and differences are there between such Christian core beliefs and the beliefs of the Bahá’í Faith? The purpose of this document is to present a Bahá’í perspective on the Creed currently used by the Roman Catholic Church. Similarities and differences will be explained and several quotations from the Bahá’í Writings will be used […] Read More

The Lord’s Prayer – A Bahá’í Perspective

A Baha’is perspective on the phrases and words of the most famous Christian prayer. It is hoped that both Christians and Bahá’ís will find spiritual common ground by sharing meanings and understandings in this prayer. Read More

The Psalms: A Baha’i Perspective

The Psalms in Western culture Types of Pslams The Psalm of Praise The Royal Psalm The Community Lament The Individual Lament The Individual Song of Thanksgiving Conclusions Read More