Mr. Gilbert Hakim

Unraveling the Mysteries of Eschatology: An Insightful Journey Through Time and Belief

Eschatology, the study of the end of the world or the ultimate destiny of humanity, is a concept that has fascinated and perplexed theologians, philosophers, and scholars throughout history. Our upcoming Zoom presentation delves deep into this profound topic, exploring the various interpretations and beliefs that have shaped human thought across different cultures and religions. […] Read More

A Roadmap for a moral Society – Pure Heart, Sincere Intentions, and Endless Contentment: A journey towards Authentic Happiness

The video is the sixteenth episode of a series called “A Roadmap for a Moral Society,” discussing the Bahá’í faith’s teachings on how to create a cohesive and unified society through cleansing the heart of evil passions and corrupt desires. The teachings emphasize the importance of a pure heart, sincere intentions, and endless contentment as […] Read More

A Roadmap for a Moral Society – Equity and Justice

Justice is the principle of fairness, in which individuals are treated equally and impartially. Equity refers to fairness and impartiality, especially in the distribution of resources or the assignment of duties. In Roman mythology, justice is often depicted as a woman holding scales, symbolizing the weighing of evidence in a legal case. Emanuel Kant, a […] Read More

The Three Protagonists that Work together to Make the World a Better Place

What are the principal actors needed to build vibrant and open communities that will advance humanity towards realizing its oneness; the individual, the institutions, and the community? Through their collaborations, advancement is possible in all our endeavors. Read More

A Logical Proof of the Existence of God

Abdu’l-Baha has expressed this conception of the nature of knowledge in the following terms: Reflect that man’s power of thought consists of two kinds. One kind is true, when it agrees with a determined “reality.” Such conceptions find realization in the exterior world; such are accurate opinions, correct theories, scientific discoveries and inventions. The other […] Read More


THOSE WHO CANNOT LEARN FROM HISTORY ARE DOOMED TO REPEAT IT.Socialism, Capitalism, and their impact on Politics. The U.S. political polarization and other such conflicting governmental and economic systems created by mankind do not actually solve the major world problems, the reason for this is that they do not take into account the spiritual components […] Read More

Discovery of Reality – “Tools to describe Reality.”

In this video Mr. Gilbert Hakim discusses with our audience the following topics: Mathematics & Logic Minimalism Creation of an objective universal language (Binary Language) Computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) Efficient cause Role of Revelation (Efficient Cause) in Ethics Development Read More

The Discovery of Reality – Introduction

Mr. Gilbert Hakim discusses with our audience the case for a Creator and why only spiritual teachings cause humanity and civilization to progress forward. What is Reality? We discuss what is the Language of Reality, what is the use of Physics and Mathematics to discover reality, and what exactly is Causality & Logic. Mr. Hakim […] Read More