Mr. Bob Harris


The topic of this talk is – The life of Abdu’l-Baha has been presented in countless books, news articles, and films over the past 150 years. He is recognized as a transformational leader all over the world, by members of every religion. As we approach the Centenary of his passing, the interest in his ethics, […] Read More

In Dark and Challenging Times, We Need the Greatest Power of All – LOVE

Join us for a review of the Baha’i teachings on love – the source of strength, courage and hope in the age of pandemics, isolation and anxiety. Read More

Breathing Together: Building Race Unity Every Day

The following summary is extracted from Race Unity: It’s In Our DNA to see the full article, or to find similar articles related to this subject please visit for more information.DNA has changed how we should see ourselves in relation to each other, and what we think of as home. Now we can actually […] Read More