Supplementary materials for the study of the Persian Bayan

A Thematic Analysis and Summary of The Persian Bayán

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Authored by Haji Siyyid ‘Ali Muhammad Shirazi, known as “The Bab” (1847- 1848). Translated into French by A.-L.-M Nicolas, French Consul in Tabriz, Iran, and published in Paris, France (1911-1914). Rendered into English with additional annotations by Anonymous (1982-2021).

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Final Session Notes and Summary – THE PERSIAN BAYAN STUDY

Below is the Schedule for these weekly group discussions: Video Playlist
Week 1 Video – An Analysis and Summary of the Persian Bayan
Week 2 Video – Question and Answers, Objectives going forward with this Class
Week 3 Video – Vahid I-Vahid II
Week 4 Video – Vahid I-Vahid II continued
Week 5 Video – Vahid III
Week 6 Video – Vahid IV
Week 7 VideoVahid V
Week 8 Video – Vahid V continued
Week 9 Video – Vahid VI
Week 10 Video – Vahid VII
Week 11 Video – Vahid VIII
Week thirteen: this is the last session, so there will be no reading assignment

Persian Bayan (“Exposition”) ( – It is a translation from the French translation of Persian Bayan by A.L.M. Nicolas, which is quoted by Shoghi Effendi in the footnotes of The Dawn-Breakers. There is no translation yet from the original Persian directly into English. However, Nicolas was very familiar with the Babi movement, translated more of the Bab’s Writings than anyone else, and was fluent in both Arabic and Persian.

Additional materials about the Persian Bayan

Videos about the Persian Bayan, in English