White American Bahá’ís role in bringing about racial justice/unity.

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This has been a very challenging year for the United States. We have battled a global pandemic that has taken the lives of almost 200,000 Americans. At the same time, we have come to a point of reckoning as it relates to race relations in our country ever since the killing of George Floyd. Since Baha’is in American have always been tasked with working towards the elimination of prejudice and have been told that unity between black and white is the Most Vital and Challenging Issue, it is an important time for Baha’is to rise to meet this propitious moment, marshal our resources and do our part to root out the disease of racism and foster racial justice and unity.

Steve will discuss his thoughts on the role of white Americans, particularly Baha’is, in fostering racial justice/unity. He will draw on the guidance from the writings of the Baha’i faith as well as discussing the current environment and contemporary thought as it relates to the position of whites in American society. He will also draw on his own personal experiences, having learned much during the past ten years in terms of his own implicit bias being a white man growing up in America.