US Immigration Laws and the bright future of the Teachings of Bahá’u’lláh

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A brief summary of the status of US Immigration Laws and the bright future of this area of law in accordance with the teachings of Bahá’u’lláh.

The ever-escalating draconian US Immigration Laws call humanity to conscientiously look within inwardly, to reevaluate our own individual moral values as to what extent we are willing to forgo decency, and at what price. The statistics of the past several years demonstrate society’s apathy and laxity to these ever-increasing crises facing humanity. The numbness to the devastating effects on society as a whole continues. It is time for us to pause and revisit some of the basics that brought us all to this point in our history. We will reflect on our trajectory into the future, but we must also reflect on our past to realize why and how we reached this unfortunate plight. The USA is a land of immigrants.Considering the rich diversity of the USA, it has become the land of the free and the brave to many of its newest citizens. Many immigrants came to the USA fleeing religious persecution and searching for a brighter future. There was not much of an immigration process in place, and yet we now have the USA that we all live in and call home. We need to reflect as to why the immigration process is becoming so difficult now, to the extent that the USA is closing its borders to countless immigrants. Some of these immigrants are fleeing their homeland for their very lives, and other immigrants have special skills and expertise that are very valuable to advance the interests of the USA.


The highest administrative body of the Baha’i Faith, The Universal House of Justice, stated in Its letter that the most challenging issue facing the United States is racism and materialism.We can now easily witness the effect of these serious diseases in our nation. The two are interconnected and explicitly affect one another. Sadly some immigrants themselves now have forgotten their own past and espouse the closure of our borders to immigrants in becoming gatekeepers. They joined others with the unfounded fear that immigrants are not vetted and are mostly criminals and that our job safety is at risk with the entry of influx of immigrants. The beauty of our nation is in its rich tapestry of so many diverse cultures and not its uniformity. Yet we see immigrants entering the US with their rich heritage and culture and some forgoing their culture in efforts to assimilate into the American society not realizing that this great American society was built with that richness of its diverse culture. Abdu’l-Bahá, who is the eldest son of the prophet founder of the Baha’i Faith, stated “Behold a beautiful garden full of flowers, shrubs, and trees. Each flower has a different charm, a peculiar beauty, its own delicious perfume, and beautiful color. The trees too, how varied are they in size, in growth, in the foliage — and what different fruits they bear! Yet all these flowers, shrubs and trees spring from the self-same earth, the same sun shines upon them and the same clouds give them rain. So it is with humanity. It is made up of many races, and its peoples are of a different color, white, black, yellow, brown, and red — but they all come from the same God, and all are servants to Him. This diversity among the children of men has unhappily not the same effect as it has among the vegetable creation, where the spirit has shown is more harmonious. Among men exists a diversity of animosity, and it is this that causes war and hatred among the different nations of the world.” Paris Talk Page 51.


Baha’u’llah stated that “The well-being of mankind, its peace, and security, are unattainable unless and until its unity is firmly established.”