The new school is the microschool

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In 2008 Jaime’s focus began to shift from teaching adults to the education of children. Her long-held volunteer services include serving as a Board Director for, a state leader character development education, and the animation of Jr. Youth Groups. Her dedication to service and rapport with community children lead to the organic development of a Baha’i Inspired school, based on the ideology of Service-Learning. As the school gained momentum, it needed to remain affordable for the families. Jaime and her team managed to navigate the complexity of state regulations for scholarship funding. This long process forced Jaime and her team to transform themselves from grassroots pioneers to savvy advocates of School Choice Programs, legislature, and freedom in education.

From 6 students in 2012 to 50 students and a school campus, SLS is a thriving example of modern education, built through sheer determination. Jaime and school staff continue to refine every aspect of the “micro-school”; a school that is intentionally limited in size, in order to provide quality education, human connections, and long term retention of its students.

The school’s organic development from the grassroots level forced Jaime to become a Renaissance Woman in every aspect of school development and operation. Her and her team’s experiences provide a valuable resource in the replication of modern schools, which are microschools.