An Update to Coronavirus and the Oneness of the Human Race part 2

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Vafa Bayat is Program Head of Research and Development at healthcare Artificial Intelligence company, Bitscopic, presently in its efforts to serve veterans through the development of artificial intelligence tools that will improve healthcare delivery, identify new relationships between diseases and other health-related variables, diagnose COVID-19, and conduct epidemiologic research.

As a postdoc, He proposed and executed multiple projects relating to two diseases of interest to him, Pontocerebellar Hypoplasia, and EXOSC2-associated SHRF. In these projects, with coworkers, He collaborated with other members of the Dermatology and Pathology departments and scientists and clinicians in the US and Europe to better understand these diseases using CRISPR, RNA-Seq, and various biochemical techniques in the fruit fly and human cell culture models. He applied and won R21 grant funding, and presented our work at international conferences. At Stanford, the work won poster prizes in the Cancer Biology and Pathology departments. The work is currently in the submission process.