Casting Our Nets on the Right Side: Delivering the ‘Good News’ to Our Christian Friends Through Sharing a Story.

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America was ablaze with millennial anticipation in 1844. Religious leaders expected Christ’s return was imminent. Not only were there signs in the heavens, but prophecies—some general but some very specific—all pointed to that year. Hundreds of thousands of laypeople looked to the skies in joyous anticipation. Clearly, their expectations were not fulfilled. But were the prophecies wrong, or were they simply misunderstood? Zach Thompson has an alternative understanding. Following the example of the Wise Men of the East, he sets off to find answers in the Holy Land. Joining forces with British scholar James Lawrence, they take up their quest, only to discover that the question is far larger than anything they had imagined. And the success of their search will have profound implications for not only for them, but all humanity as the modern age unfolds.