What is the Divine Curriculum and how does it work?

This presentation will focus on certain fundamental truths commonly referred to in the Bahá’í Faith as “progressive revelation”, and which I also refer to as “The Divine Curriculum.” The main concepts to be discussed, and which will be used to answer the question expressed in the title of this talk, are as follows: The oneness and infinity of God; related attributes of God; the unity of His Messengers/Divine Educators; the nature and function of the creation as a Divine “classroom” or school (including both physical reality and the spiritual worlds beyond); concept of the afterlife; the oneness of humanity; the gradual unfoldment over many centuries of God’s educational program/curriculum for the human race; the progressive and cumulative nature of this curriculum; the main knowledge, virtues and abilities being covered in the Divine Curriculum; and the goals and objectives towards which the Divine Curriculum is taking humanity. The topics listed here are covered in my book series entitled, The Divine Curriculum. This presentation will necessarily be a more concise and introductory overview of this material.

Resources from today’s presentation: What is the never-ending Divine Curriculum and how does it work