Unveiling the Prophetic Significance of Zechariah 4 and its Fulfillment in Bahá’í Teachings Part 2

This presentation explores the profound connections between the prophetic visions in Zechariah 4 and their fulfillment as interpreted in Bahá’í teachings. We will look at both the literal and spiritual fulfillment of these prophecies. Central to the discussion is the figure of Zerubbabel, likened to Bahá’u’lláh, who, according to Bahá’í belief, emerged from Babylon (modern-day Iraq) to establish a new divine order. The presentation underscores the significant “plumb line” in Zerubbabel’s hand as a metaphor for justice and divine authority seen in Bahá’u’lláh’s revelations.

We will also examine the correlation to the “Two Witnesses” in the Book of Revelation, identified in Bahá’í thought as Muḥammad the Messenger of God and ‘Alí the son of Abú Ṭálib. The session aims to provide a gentle and gradual exploration of these themes, incorporating scripture from the Bible and Bahá’í writings, specifically from “Some Answered Questions”, to cater to both seasoned adherents and curious seekers. By viewing the historical and spiritual developments through these lenses, the presentation intends to offer insights into the unity and continuity of divine guidance across different eras and religions.