Tahirih: A Religious Paradigm of Womanhood.

Tahirih, the subject of this upcoming presentation, is celebrated for her multifaceted legacy that includes her poetic prowess, profound theological insights, pioneering role in the early Bahá’í community, and her exceptional talent for uniting and motivating women to cast off their subjugated status. One of the most remarkable instances of her leadership occurred when she boldly revealed her face to an assembly of men, delivering a compelling speech that implored society to break free from antiquated norms. This astonishing act left an indelible mark, with an audience member so shaken by her presence that he tragically took his own life.

Tragically, in 1852, at the age of 38, Tahirih paid the ultimate price for her unwavering dedication to her beliefs and her active involvement. In her final recorded words, she defiantly declared, “You can end my life whenever you choose, but you will never halt the advancement of women’s liberation.” This presentation will delve into the remarkable life and enduring impact of Tahirih, a woman whose contributions continue to resonate with us today.