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Ocean is a custom eBook reader designed for exploration and study of the sacred literature of the world’s religious traditions. It provides a simple cross-platform reading experience with an immersive audio-integrated reading experience and useful study and research tools.

1. Ocean 2.0 Interfaith Library: oceanlibrary.com
2. WholeReader: wholereader.com
3. Ocean and DB-Challenge Announcement list: badasht.org
4. My website: sacred-traditions.org

Speaker Biography:

Chad Jones is a typical Alaskan fisherman — which is to say he eventually tired of the mud, rain, and fresh air of Alaska and decided to explore the rest of the world. Twenty years later, he had witnessed the last days of the Romanian revolution, the home of Gengis Khan in Mongolia and the birthplace of Krishna in Mathura. He had tasted authentic Szechuan dishes in China, studied Arabic in Irbid, plunged into the blue hole of Dhahab, explored the caves of Solomon in Jerusalem, and counted waves at night over the sea-wall of Akka. He married his Punjabi princess in a Moghul castle in Rajastan. He traveled by camel to the pyramids of Giza, trekked the Annapurna Range in Nepal, retraced Laurence of Arabia’s famous route to Aqaba, and hoisted a watermelon to the highest peak of Wadi Rum to feast while observing the planet’s most glorious sunset.