Year: 2024

Unveiling the Prophetic Significance of Zechariah 4 and its Fulfillment in Bahá’í Teachings

This presentation explores the profound connections between the prophetic visions in Zechariah 4 and their fulfillment as interpreted in Bahá’í teachings. We will look at both the literal and spiritual fulfillment of these prophecies. Central to the discussion is the figure of Zerubbabel, likened to Bahá’u’lláh, who, according to Bahá’í belief, emerged from Babylon (modern-day […] Read More

Law and Order: From Hammurabi to Bahá’u’lláh

This Sunday, Eileen Maddocks invites us to explore the intricate themes of law, justice, and divine guidance in ancient texts through her program “Law and Order: From Hammurabi to Moses” Inspired by contemporary society’s increasing secularism and its often dismissive attitude towards the Hebrew Bible, particularly the misunderstood principle of “eye for eye, tooth for […] Read More

Dr. Greg Watson

Gregory Watson entered the doctoral program at the Harvard Graduate School of Education (HGSE) in 1987 with a Master’s degree in education, acquired under the supervision of Dr. Daniel Jordan, founder of the Center for the Study of Human Potential at the University of Massachusetts. His studies in the ANISA Model focused on psychological learning […] Read More

A meditation on central Baha’i themes and quotes regarding personal transformation (“rebirth”) and the rebuild of civilization after its impending catastrophe. (A call to specific lines of action.)

Participating in the evolution of consciousness and learning to harness our subconscious human brain; seeking and struggling without competence to become your true self; through personal crisis and social alienation and disintegration; living in the age of world-wide oppression and catastrophic upheaval; promulgating and facilitating the consciousness of the oneness and wholeness of humanity as […] Read More

Exploring Easter: A Journey Through Its History, Doctrine, and Significance to Baha’is

This Sunday billions of Christians will celebrate Easter. What are the origins of this holy day — historically and doctrinally? What can it mean to Baha’is? That is what Peter Terry will explore this coming Sunday, inviting your participation. Resource for today’s discussion – Read More

Unwavering Essence: The Bahá’í Journey through Uncontrollable Changes

This topic delves into how the Bahá’í Faith has successfully navigated and adapted to external changes beyond the control of its Central Figures, Guardian, and followers, while maintaining a steadfast commitment to its core principles and ideals. Read More

In Crisis: Victory! First Friday Fireside March 1st

Baha’i Resilience in the face of Persecution and Martyrdom Sponsored by: Spiritual Assembly of the Baha’is of Pinellas County Clearwater Baha’i Center – 2898 Gulf to Bay Blvd Doors open – 6pm Dinner: 6:30pm Program 7:30pm Read More

Spiritual Renewal and Reflection: Unveiling the Essence of the Baha’i Fast

The Baha’i Faith observes a period of fasting as a time for spiritual reflection, prayer, and physical abstention. This annual fast takes place during the last month of the Baha’i calendar, called ‘Ala’, which falls from March 2nd to March 20th, leading up to the Baha’i New Year on March 21st. During this time, adult […] Read More

Unraveling the Mysteries of Eschatology: An Insightful Journey Through Time and Belief

Eschatology, the study of the end of the world or the ultimate destiny of humanity, is a concept that has fascinated and perplexed theologians, philosophers, and scholars throughout history. Our upcoming Zoom presentation delves deep into this profound topic, exploring the various interpretations and beliefs that have shaped human thought across different cultures and religions. […] Read More

The Healing Connection: A Partnership for Your Health by Drew Remignanti. MD, MPH/ Something or Other Publishing

Clearwater Bahá’ís is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting. Among a host of topics, Dr. Drew plans to address the detrimental effects of the profit motive in healthcare, while encouraging patients to adopt a more engaged role with their primary care doctors. In addition he will be pointing out how this dovetails with the […] Read More